Questions and Answers

Is Dozer Day continuing in light of COVID-19 restrictions?

Yes! Dozer Day will look different this year, however. Through meticulous collaboration with our great sponsors and the local state health department COVID-19 team, a Dozer Day “walk-thru” event has been developed to ensure guests’ health and safety while still immersing families in an ultimate, real-life construction experience. 

What will DOZER DAY 2021 be like?

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to feel like your family has landed right in the middle of an active construction site with real operating machinery. 

Dozer Day 2021 will temporarily become a “Walk-Thru” event; kids and families will have the opportunity to see equipment live in-motion, walk-thru cool, interactive construction experiences and also climb on and check out real machinery. Although we cannot let kids physically operate machinery this year, there will be plenty for them to do in this walk-thru experience.

Not only is it a dream-come-true for kids (and fun for the whole family), the event also benefits local nonprofit organizations.

When is Dozer Day?

Dozer Day will be on June 26th & 27th, 2021.  Gates open at 10:00 am and close at 3:00 pm on each day. 

How much does Dozer Day 2021 cost and where can I get tickets?

For 2021, Dozer Day drive-through reservations will be available online only. NO RESERVATION TICKETS WILL BE SOLD ON-SITE. Sales begin May 1st. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the number of time slots will be limited, so purchase your tickets early.

The purchase price is $9 for all ages, which includes one (1) official Dozer Day Crew Bag (containing a Dozer Day mask, a kid-sized hard hat and many sponsor give-aways). Additional bags may be purchased in our merchandise area.

Where is Dozer Day held?

For 2021, Dozer Day will again be at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup.

How does the walk-thru experience work?

You need to purchase a timed-ticket per individual for an hour time slot and then show up at the Washington State Fairgrounds about 10 minutes before your allotted time. You will receive a colored bracelet allowing you access to the “Construction Zone” for your one hour. Once your hour is up, you can move to the “Laydown Yard” or exit the event. 

When you arrive at the Washington State Fairgrounds, you’ll join a queue to check-in, then proceed to the walk-thru entrance for our “Construction Zone” near the purple gate. You will have the allotted hour on your timed ticket in the Construction Zone. There will be specific interactive equipment stations to see live in-action machinery, stationery items you can hear / see / touch / climb on, and other interactive things for kids to do. Once your hour is up, you can head to the “Laydown Yard” to see more equipment, do smaller hands-on activities and receive giveaways from sponsors, visit the fair food vendors or purchase Dozer Day merchandise before exiting through the green gate. You can leave the Construction Zone at anytime for the Laydown Yard (there will be a maximum number of people allowed in this area) or you can exit when you please. Once your allotted time is up in the Construction Zone, you may not re-enter this zone. 

What to know before you go:

Masks are required for all individuals 5 years and older. Special Dozer Day masks will be provided for all in case you forget one or want to join in the Dozer Day spirit!

While times may vary, the estimated time for each slot is 60 minutes in the Construction Zone and 60 minutes in the Laydown Yard. 

Follow the guided route for the walk-thru experience – we will not allow groups to move backward.

Portable restrooms are available for use before entry and in the “Construction Zone”. Physical restrooms are available inside the “Laydown Yard”. An event map will be provided at check-in.

The following are prohibited during the Dozer Day event:
– Smoking and vaping
– Alcohol
– Pets (except ADA-compliant service animals)

What is the ideal age for Dozer Day?

Everyone from 1 to 101 years old will enjoy this unique opportunity to feel like your family car has landed right in the middle of an active construction site with real operating machinery. Public safety messaging, fun contests, sponsor giveaways and much more will be provided all within careful health/safety protocol.

Can we get a grant for Dozer Day tickets?

If you are a children’s not-for-profit organization you may be eligible for free or reduced-price reservations. Please send requests on your non-profit letterhead along with IRS tax exempt documentation to liz@aminc.org.

Are Dozer Day reservations refundable?

Reservations are NOT refundable or adjustable, but please be assured the money benefits many great local organizations. If the event is cancelled, we will gladly refund all tickets.

Who are the main sponsors for Dozer Day?

Dozer Day is sponsored by many local businesses who are vested in their community. For information on becoming a sponsor or to see a detailed list of sponsors visit the Sponsor page

Can I volunteer to help at Dozer Day?

Please check out our Volunteer page for any opportunities.

Where did Dozer Day Start?

The first “Dozer Day” was held in Wisconsin hosted by Halquist Stone and benefited local schools. The Nutter Foundation acquired the rights to Dozer Day and trademarked the event. Dozer Day is now shared with partners throughout the United States.